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How I Complete

100+ Books Per Year

Cover to Cover

And How You Can Too



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First let me tell you a story of a 38-year old colour blind man.

To him, grass has always been ash gray.

He never knew the colour of his daughter’s eyes, the rich yellows and greens of fruits he ate, or the changing colours of autumn.

To him, the world was nothing but the faded tones of blue, red and gray.

So when he wore a pair of corrective glasses (a gift from his wife)…

...he cried at the beauty he didn’t know he missed…

... for the last 38 years.

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We have yet to know the thrill of growing from a handful of books a year (if any at all)…

…to 100 cover to cover!

It’s like having 100 mentors at your side

…100 programs in your arsenal.

It’s that confidence when challenged, clarity when confused.

Whether it’s a mentor in choosing your fitness plan

…how to find the words in painful conversations...

...a mentor in masterful negotiations...

…or simply enjoying a good novel

…you’ve become rich with books you experienced.

It's hard enough to get through ONE book without interruptions, distractions, running out of time, or losing interest... right?

I’ll show you exactly how to do it despite a busy schedule or short attention span.

First let me share a little secret about myself…

You’re likely thinking 100+ books a year is an exaggeration, or that it’ll take exceptional focus and discipline.

The truth is… my brain crashes easily and I lose interest quickly...

…so I needed to investigate...

How do I do BOTH: complete 100+ books...and ENJOY them too.

See, each of us have two types of brains -

1) a mature brain (that nurtures growth)

2) a toddler brain (that gets easily distracted).

I’ll show you how to feed both.

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BookHero100 is done and dusted in 4 fast modules with 1 video per module.

I intentionally made it quick and easy so in just one sitting, you’ll get the goods, and move on with your new super power.

Lay the Foundation

Overcome the Pain of Not Reading

Learn the Formula

Get the Algorithms


If you’re still skeptical, I don’t blame you.

So here’s my formula upfront for 100+ books per year in 3 layers.


You must read with your ears


You must turn off the boredom switch, get into flow. (I’ll show you how)


Everything you read must pull you in, you must never force yourself against your will


Those who learned the BookHero100 formula have said to me:

“Muhammad, this is NOT what I expected, and I LOVE it…

…but now that my world’s opened up, where do I even begin?”

that's why I've added this next part...

As a free BONUS, BookHero100 comes with

One-Year Access to the Private Muhammad Alshareef Book Club

(renewable at $97 annually)

Here’s what we’ll do together inside The MAS Book Club:

-- Reveal the top 24 books from the best of the best 100+ I complete a year

(the best based on the selection algorithm you’ll learn in the BookHero100 mini course).

-- Deep dive discussions at 2 books a month

(a comfortable pace with your new superpower).

-- Experience how each book can upgrade how you live your life and see the world.

(make Islamic and emotional connections with each book you read)

-- Celebrate how many books you completed every month

Now Including: The BookHero100 Virtual Summit [Oct 2021]

Imagine having your own Personal Book Coach, someone guiding you through the greatest lessons from the most impactful books, helping you to apply them directly in your everyday life.

That’s exactly what we’ll be doing in The BookHero100 Virtual Summit with Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef and special guests.

Special guests will be live online over 5 days exploring the greatest lessons from a selection of the most pivotal books in deen, wealth, health and relationships. You’ll discuss personal takeaways and lessons in this virtual bookclub, steering you towards success in life, all whilst keeping Allah as part of the equation.

5 live sessions, Q & A sessions with access to the live recordings.

A value of $147 USD and you get this as a Free Bonus when you sign up for BookHero100 now!